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    Traffic Monetization

    Join InstallEmpire, An Innovative Pay Per Install Network focused on
    High Conversion and Limitless Ads for your traffic.

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    A Leading PPI Network

    With InstallEmpire You can Earn $2000 from 1k Installs

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    Endless Possiblities

    Providing Software Developers, Portals and Advertisers an Advanced Program to reduce their Efforts.


Monetize your Traffic and Maximize your Earnings!

WHY Choose InstallEmpire?

These days Every Pay Per Install Network is getting worse, So we decided to create a very sensitive and advanced platform for all traffic types and all publishers. We were woking on it and We integrate the latest technologies and innovative solutions to simplify your advertising chores and thereby dramatically improve your campaigns performance achieving desired results.

Highest convertions

Best payout rates

Real time reporting

Dedicated account manager

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About Us

InstallEmpire is a Global leading Pay Per Install Network specializing in campaigns and providing top quality services for online business growth.

Landing Pages

We provide our publishers a variety of installers for MAC and Windows. Publishers can choose according to their need from our Installers.

Excessive Offers

Our Offer Wall is for all types of traffic and all types of publishers, Strive to performance excellence and Growth of Innovations.


Our Installer is the World's Lightest and Cleanest, Gives best conversion ratio on software portals with any of our software or Offer.

Custom Installer

We let you decide yourself which ad to show and Gives you ability to run your ads according to your traffic type.


What is InstallEmpire?

InstallEmpire is an Ingenious Pay Per Install Network designed by Publishers for Publishers. We have worked day and night to provide you the Advance 21st Century Network. Our goal is to help Every Publishers to earcn more and more of their Traffic.

It depends on each product, and the Installer afiliate is promoting, geo’s of the affiliate and the advertiser. You can earn up to $2.5 per US install. Please contact us for current rates.
We pay by PayPal, WebMoney or BTC. Also, we are going to add new methods of payment so let our team know if you have any special requests. We pay on a Net 15 basis meaning you get paid 15 days after the previous month of revenue.
Every Affiliate is given their account to check their Revenue and Other data. The reports are transparent, accurate and reported on a real time basis so you can easily monitor every single click.
We allow Almost all types of traffic, but not fraudulent traffic using (VPN, Proxy, Residentials), Our Advanced Installers are a step forward from the Industry Standard And We were also Publishers at a time.
Our tech team made it possible for InstallEmpire to work with most installers. However, the easiest options include: InstallShield, Setup Factory, INNO, NSIS and WISE.

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User Execute the Installer.

User Accept the Offers.

Installation Flow takeoff.

You get paid!


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InstallEmpire.com is an innovative PPI network focused on download/install vertical.


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